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Browserweb Inc. User and Service Agreements

The Browserweb Inc. Terms of Use Agreement describes the terms and conditions under which Browserweb Inc. offers you access to our services and applies to all Browserweb Inc. users, whether buyers, sellers, parkers or those who just like to browse our domain marketplace.

Browserweb Inc. provides our users a variety of services to help you maximize the value of your domains. Below you can find the terms of service for Browserweb Inc.’s Domain Appraisal, Domain Brokerage, Domain Parking and Domain Showcase services. Whether you are looking to find out how much your domain is worth, trying to promote your domain’s unique value or even trying to acquire something new, Browserweb Inc. has the variety of services to ensure that your domains are working for you.

Domain Brokerage Terms and Conditions
Domain Appraisal Terms and Conditions
Domain Showcase Terms and Conditions
Domain Parking Terms and Conditions
Domain Marketplace Agreement
Domain Transfer Agreement
Escrow Service Agreement
Partner Program Agreement

Protecting Your Privacy

Browserweb Inc. takes protecting our user’s privacy very importantly. We have instituted a comprehensive Privacy Policy that details your privacy rights.


Rules for Domain Sellers

The Browserweb Inc. marketplace was designed to offer both buyers and sellers with a reliable and trusted platform for purchasing and selling domain names. The Rules for Domain Sellers help to ensure the integrity and reliability of the Browserweb Inc. marketplace and to encourage repeat buyers. Please review the Sales Contract, link below, provided free for domains sold on Browserweb, which contains your terms of sale.

If you are listing a domain for sale, it is always a good idea to check that your domain is not infringing anyone’s trademark rights and that it will not violate our policy regarding offensive domains.

Trademark Search
Offensive Domain Policy
Sample Sales Contract


Rules for Domain Buyers

Browserweb Inc. has created standards for domain sellers and our marketplace would not maintain its reliability and integrity without similar standards for buyers. The Rules for Domain Buyers serve as a set of guidelines to help buyers make the right decisions in their domain name purchases. In addition, these pages help buyers know what to expect when they order a domain acquisition. Please review the sample Sales Contract, link below, provided free for domains bought on Browserweb, which contains your terms of purchase.

Sample Sales Contract


Rules for Domain Parkers

Domain Parking is a great way to market domains you have for sale or to put your domains to work while you develop a website. The Rules for Domain Parkers help you make sure your parked domains do not run afoul of third-party IP rights or Browserweb Inc.’s rules concerning artificial traffic and offensive domains.

Domain Parking Terms & Conditions
Trademark Search
Offensive Domain Policy
Keyword Selection Policy


Intellectual Property

Have you checked to make sure your domain name doesn’t infringe a third party’s intellectual property rights? Do you wish to report a listing that may infringe on your IP rights? How does Browserweb Inc. feel about its own IP rights? Please visit our links below for more details.

Rights Protection Program (RPP)
Stolen Domain Policy and Procedure

If you have any questions about Browserweb Inc.’s policies, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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